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ACTIVE Hard Inserts JConcepts 1.9-4.75

ACTIVE Hard Inserts JConcepts 1.9-4.75

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These are sold in sets of 2 and PRINTED TO ORDER, you'll need two orders to complete a truck, you can mix and match easier this way. These fit the JConcepts Megalithic, Landmines, Tusk, and Hold tires. If you need Proline inserts they are different. I use simple Overture 95a TPU, I highly recommend you set your truck on stands when not in use. If you do experience flat spots, they will go away once you drive a little just like a set of old bias ply super swampers do.

These are for the normal 4.75" 1.9 tires, and these inserts are wide enough to work great with a 20mm width

Super Soft 4-6lbs

Soft 4-6lbs, just a bit stiffer

Medium 5-8lbs

Hard 8-10lbs

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