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Injora XHX Pin Cheat Code Soft 4.75 Insert

Injora XHX Pin Cheat Code Soft 4.75 Insert

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These are like the Cheat Codes of Tire inserts, these are Very Directional side specific, dedicated inside and outside, The come with glue channels to set the exact offset to your requirements. The features are a smooth transition from bead to tread, increased side hill ability with specific pressure points throughout the tread. These fit Krawler, Km3, Hyrax, Trencher

These inserts are intended for 25mm wide wheels, they can be squeezed onto 20mm wide wheels but may take more effort, if you are using a wide 30mm wide wheel, the glue thats included will allow you to set the offset you desire and lock them into position.

Each set of inserts come with a Left and a Right side, these can be reversed as needed but they are directional, each set of 2 also includes one .18oz tube of E6000 Glue. 

Super Soft 4-6lbs

Soft 5-7lbs

Medium 6-8lbs



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